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Teepa Snow and CNA Training at USI

Dementia and CNA Workforce

Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care (PAC) model will be embedded in 25 Indiana CNA schools across the state over a three year period. Embedding dementia-specific curriculum in CNA programs is an essential response to the wide variation of educational preparedness among nursing home staff members and provides a framework for standardizing dementia training in Indiana.

CNAs provide 80 to 90% of the direct care to residents in nursing homes (Pennington, Scott, & Magilvy, 2003), where there is a wide variation of educational preparedness (Prahl, Krook, & Fagerberg, 2016). This project will engage both CNA training schools and their partnering nursing home clinical sites to ensure CNAs graduate with the necessary person-centered dementia-knowledge provided by PAC. Eligible CNA schools include facility and non-facility-based programs.

Each CNA school will send a team to a three-day virtual PAC course taught by Teepa Snow and her team in order to become certified as a PAC Certified Independent Trainer or Coach. Members of this team will be instructors from the CNA school and from the nursing home clinical site. Teams will attend at no cost as a result of funding from the Indiana State Department of Health.

Anticipated date of the next virtual trainings:

  • February 23, 24 & 25, 2021 – 8 am-12 pm Central / 9 am-1 pm Eastern
  • March 31, April 1 & April 2, 2021 – 8 am-12 pm Central / 9 am-1 pm Eastern

CNA programs that wish to participate or want more information should complete this short survey

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Prahl C, Krook C, Fagerberg I (2016). Understanding the role of an educational model in developing knowledge of caring for older persons with dementia. Nurse Education In Practice [serial online] 17:97-101.

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