University of Southern Indiana

Trilogy Emerging Student Leaders in Long-term Care Scholarship

4 scholarships valued at $550 each


  • Full-time students at the University of Southern Indiana enrolled in an undergraduate pre-clinical program which prepares them to seek employment in the fields of gerontology, geriatrics, long-term care and/or long-term care administration.

  • Preference shall be given to students who are enrolled full-time in a specific health-related degree program with work experience and/or volunteer service related to gerontology.

  • Preference shall be given to undergraduate students with junior or senior status or graduate students with at least one academic year of study remaining at the time the scholarship is received.

  • Students who are in good academic standing at the University of Southern Indiana and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale when the scholarship is awarded and received.

  • Applicants shall submit to the selection committee a one-page essay describing their career goals.

  • The scholarship is not automatically renewable, but may be renewed if the recipient continues to meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship.

Application period: October 16 through December 1, 2017

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