University of Southern Indiana

Lisa Fournier, DSL, MPM, GWEP Project Coordinator

Lisa Fournier has been an entrepreneur most of her career, starting her first business as an undergrad. She also worked in several high-tech, emerging growth companies as an implementer—essentially working with other stakeholders and investors to get a vision off the ground. Her professional career took a turn when she became a caregiver for her parents. During this time, she earned her doctorate, wrote a book on social entrepreneurship and decided to teach entrepreneurship and innovation at the university level. 

Fournier’s mom had Alzheimer’s for 14 years. Once she passed, she knew she had to take what she had learned walking this path with her mom to other caregivers. She decided to go back to school for her master's degree in dementia and aging at Texas State. She found she has a passion for dementia citizenship, or helping those with dementia have their voices heard. She  volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association as an Ambassador and Community Educator. This past summer, she was looking at various opportunities and found the GWEP Project Coordinator position. It aligned with the direction she wanted to pursue, especially with the focus on dementia-friendly communities and the MINKA smart home! 

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