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Undergraduate Curriculum

The increasing number of older persons and the fact that we are generally living longer point to a need for more people to pursue careers in this area. The Center for Healthy Aging and Wellness in the College of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Southern Indiana has several academic programs to prepare students to meet the unique needs of an aging population.

Health Services Degree
Two specializations in the Health Services major prepare students to work in the field of gerontology:

Click here for a list of all Gerontology Courses at USI

Core Curriculum: Global Aging and Health Care
Everyone is aging. Consider learning more about age-friendly environments and global aging issues by taking GERO 215 – Introduction to Global Aging and Health Care!

An age-friendly gerontology course has been integrated into the University’s core curriculum (CORE 39) – Ways of Knowing: World Languages and Culture (Outcome 1) and CORE 39 Global Embedded Experience.

The course will have a broad appeal to students of all disciplines. Explore this class if you are undecided in a career choice or if you want to learn more about how aging affects all of us, including those in the health professions.

For more information, visit the Global Aging and Health Care page.

Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Residency
An Administrator in Training (AIT) residency is offered for undergraduate students interested in applying for a nursing home administrator license. Students who successfully complete the AIT residency are eligible to sit for the national Nursing Home Administrator board exam and the State of Indiana Health Facility Administrator licensure exam. Click here to apply.

Interdisciplinary Gerontology Minor
Students from virtually every major at USI may find that having a minor in gerontology could set them apart from other job applicants. It is common for students in Nursing, Social Work, Dietetics, Exercise Science, Occupational Therapy Assistant and more to combine their area of study with gerontology with USI’s Interdisciplinary Gerontology Minor.

In addition to Gerontology courses, this minor includes classes from Nursing, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Exercise Science, Kinesiology and Biology, plus a variety of experiential courses offering engaged learning opportunities specific to geriatrics outside of the traditional classroom. 

Learn more in USI Academic Bulletin

Senior Fitness Specialization in Kinesiology
Students majoring in Kinesiology can declare a “Senior Fitness Concentration” that covers content in:

  • Healthcare Aspects of Gerontology
  • Sociological Aspects of Aging
  • Psychological Aspects of Adulthood
  • Exercise Science Program Design

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