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Get to know the guests of bOLDer People!

Each episode of bOLDer People features an older adult from the community who has enriching life lessons to share. No two guests are alike and all guests have distinctive skills in various fields and professions. Through bOLDer People, we want to explore all the dynamic experiences in the life of an older adult. Read on to meet these bOLDer People!

bOLDer Person #1 - Dr. Nadine Coudret

Meet Dr. Nadine Coudret, founding Dean of the University of Southern Indiana’s College of Nursing and Health Professions. Dr. Coudret joined USI in 1988 and retired in 2012. We can thank Dr. Coudret for USI having one of the best nursing programs in the state. In her time at the university, she developed the nursing program, the occupational therapy and health administration programs at the master's level, six programs at the baccalaureate level, and three more programs at the associate-degree level. If she wasn't already busy enough, Dr. Coudret also served as interim provost for a year at USI. Talking with Dr. Coudret was such a remarkable opportunity and we wish her nothing but the best in retirement!

bOLDer Person #2 - Sandy Lasher

Meet Sandy Lasher, a board member of SWIRCA & More, former teacher and administrator for the Diocese of Evansville, and advocate for older adults in the area. Before retiring, Mrs. Lasher spent most of her career as an English teacher at Memorial high school and served as an administrator at one of Memorial’s feeder schools. Since retirement, Mrs. Lasher has been very active in the Evansville community. She has been a SWIRCA & More board member for almost 2 years, is involved with organizations like Cypress, and even coordinates events and activities within her own condominium. Mrs. Lasher is also an avid traveler and her next destination is Hawaii. Mrs. Lasher has made the most out of her retirement and is an inspiration to us all on the bOLDer People team!

bOLDer Person #3 - Janeane Vickers

Meet Janeane Vickers. We have deemed Janeane as our “jack-of-all-trades” bOLDer Person. She plays several instruments including the mountain dulcimer, quilts, takes belly dancing and hula lessons, has taught herself how to weave baskets and make soap, and has a collection of around 200 Crèches. She credits her many interests to the number of UFOs (unfinished objects) around her home. Janeane has been a clerk at multiple pet stores and Posey County Co-Op, a preschool and substitute teacher, and the Mesker Park Zoo docent. Outside of her diverse work experience, she also has a passion for volunteer work at the humane society and her church. Janeane’s story of her diverse interests and hobbies is a testament to the lifetime of learning that awaits all of us!

bOLDer Person #4 - Ms. Sheila Huff

Meet Ms. Sheila Huff, former principal of Benjamin Bosse High School in Evansville, Indiana, and the current Director of Strategic Engagement at Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC). In her current role, she empowers her faculty to become agents of change and guide administration in the right direction. She has also acted as a health teacher, coach and assistant principal. However, no matter her position, she strives to advocate for students and faculty. For her excellent work within EVSC, she has received awards such as the Outstanding Educator of the Year award sponsored by the Evansville Courier & Press and the University of Evansville; the Black Women’s Task Force Educator of the Year award; and the University of Southern Indiana’s 2012 Phenomenal Women Award. Ms. Huff says she loved every minute of her journey and if asked to put her sweatsuit and tennis shoes back on for coaching, she would. We loved speaking with Ms. Huff and hearing her insights on how to equip the leaders of the next generation with the skills they need for success. Thank you! 

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