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USI-Osnabrueck Partnership

Coming this fall, the Master of Health Administration program will once again participate in the Block Week experience (October 2019) in conjunction with the program at the Hochschule, Osnabrück (HO), Germany. Graduate students in the College of Nursing and Health Professions participate alongside 15-20 undergraduate and graduate health management students from the HO in a week long experience involving collaborative study, health facilities tours, and cultural experiences.

MHA faculty member Dr. Erin Reynolds will lead the trip again in 2019 after a wonderful trip in 2018.

The success of this program is based on merging U.S. and German students together in terms of discussion and intercultural experiences.  MHA students who have completed 12 credits of course work are eligible to participate on a voluntary basis.  The link to the MHA program is usually set within the students’ capstone project (concurrent with the Block Week experience). MSN students participating in the Management/Leadership track are also eligible to participate.

Listed below are class photos from previous Osnabrueck trips as well as a video narrated by Master of Health Administration program chair Kevin Valadares explaining the importance of the USI-Osnabrueck partnership and what our students and faculty gain from the experience!

From the Fall 2018 Trip

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