University of Southern Indiana

Transfer Students

Student requesting a transfer to USI’s undergraduate nursing program from another nursing program must:

  1. Be admitted to the University of Southern Indiana.

Admission to USI DOES NOT guarantee admission to the nursing program.

  1. Meet the Undergraduate Nursing Admission Criteria.
  2. Complete the undergraduate nursing application process. The application is found on the undergraduate nursing website. All students must meet the admission criteria and apply by August 1.
  3. After admission to the nursing program, course faculty will review those nursing courses completed within the last three years.  In collaboration with the Undergraduate Program Chair, the course faculty, will determine if any transfer nursing courses are equivalent to USI undergraduate nursing courses.
  4. Students who have two nursing courses with grades of a D or F are not eligible for USI’s undergraduate nursing program. However, should the student feel that extenuating circumstances existed and contributed to their unsuccessful nursing courses, an appeal letter may be sent to the Nursing Admission and Progression Committee for review.
  5. Anatomy and physiology and chemistry course credit must be earned or equivalent competence demonstrated within five years of enrollment in clinical nursing courses.

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