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Preceptors and Form

In the clinical nursing courses, students may complete required clinical learning hours with preceptors. The preceptor is a registered nurse licensed in the state of practice with a minimum of three years of experience as a registered nurse.  The preceptor and student work collaboratively with the USI clinical nursing faculty. Approval of the preceptor and clinical sites must be obtained from faculty prior to students beginning clinical hours.

The clinical faculty provides guidance to the nursing student and preceptors to develop and implement a quality clinical experience. While the preceptor provides input on student performance to the USI clinical faculty, the faculty is responsible for determining if the clinical objectives have been met and assigning a Pass/No Pass on the clinical evaluation form. Students may be required to visit campus to demonstrate clinical competency. The following guidelines have been approved for the selection, monitoring, and evaluation of the clinical experience.

Criteria for Selection

Preceptors will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Current unencumbered licensure as a registered nurse in the state of practice.
  2. Minimum of three years’ work experience as a registered nurse.
  3. Demonstrate competence in practice as designated by the institution in which they are employed.
  4. Approved by the nurse manager of chair of the area or institution.

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty 

  1. Select and approve preceptors.
  2. Provide written clinical objectives to the preceptors prior to the clinical experience.
  3. Provide the evaluation tool to the preceptors prior to the clinical experience.
  4. Be available in person or by phone during the clinical experience.
  5. Consult with the preceptors to monitor and evaluate student learning.
  6. Coordinate and monitor the clinical experience for no more than 10 students.
  7. Orient students and preceptors to the respective roles and responsibilities.
  8. Ensure that appropriate agreements are signed with agencies and preceptors.

Roles and Responsibilities for Preceptors

  1. Provide clear direction and supervision appropriate to the student’s level of knowledge, skill, and experience.
  2. Participate in student instruction while serving as an expert, role model, and consultant during clinical experience.
  3. Provide the student with clinical experiences to meet the course and clinical requirements, objectives, and specific educational expectations.
  4. Provide feedback on the student’s performance to the student and clinical faculty.
  5. Notify the clinical faculty immediately of any unsafe nursing practices.
  6. Notify the clinical faculty of any reportable incident as defined by the institution.

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