University of Southern Indiana

Academic Intervention and Assistance Policy (AIA)

The purpose of the Academic Intervention and Assistance is to assist the beginning student who is experiencing academic difficulties to master nursing content and achieve success in passing nursing courses.

In the event that any student earns less than 75% on an exam in Nursing 246 and Nursing 247, the Academic Intervention and Assistance policy will be initiated.

  1. The student must meet with the Course Coordinator or faculty designee prior to the next exam to determine a plan to achieve mastery of nursing content covered on the failed test. 
  1. A description of possible referral resources for test taking strategies are listed below.

 Referral: follow-up activities required of the student may include: 

  1. Student study group
  2. Academic Skills (464-1743)
  3. Counseling Center (464-1867)
  4. Other referrals may be made based on student's individual needs.
  5. Evolve electronic resources (or other electronic resources as included with text book purchases).

 For students currently enrolled in other nursing courses, it is the responsibility of the student to seek assistance from faculty when exam scores minimally meet or do not meet course requirements.

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