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CPR Requirements
All students are required to have current "Healthcare Provider" CPR. A copy of the signed CPR certification card must be sent to the Castle Branch agency. Students who are not certified by the beginning of each semester will not be admitted to the clinical agencies.

HIPAA Requirements
The USI Nursing Programs and Health Professions comply with HIPAA standards for patient confidentiality and personal health information. Students must complete the USI SNHP HIPAA education program as directed and submit to Castle Branch, Inc.  Submission of annual HIPAA certification through an employer is acceptable as an alternative.   HIPAA policy is located within the CNHP Student Handbook.

OSHA Requirements
The USI Department of Nursing is in compliance with OSHA standards for infection control and exposure.  Students must complete the USI CNHP OSHA education programs as directed. Students must adhere to the USI CNHP Infection Control Program and submit certificate to Castle Branch, Inc.  Submission of annual OSHA certification through an employer is acceptable as an alternative.  OSHA information is located within the CNHP Student Handbook.

Zachary Law Compliance Policy
To comply with the state and federal regulations, potential and current students and faculty in selected programs within the College of Nursing and Health Professions, will be required to have a criminal records check relating to sexual and violent offenses against children.

In accordance with the state of Indiana’s revisions of Zachary’s law made in January of 2003, the College of Nursing and Health Professions will verify if the student is registered with the registry for convicted sexual and violent offenders against children, and will continue to do so at least annually for as long as the student remains in the program. 

Should the student’s name appear in the registry, the student will be denied admission to or progression in the undergraduate nursing program. If the listing is the result of an error, it will become the student’s responsibility to correct the error before admission or progression in the program will be permitted. 

Child Protection Policy: Duty to Report
Indiana law states that any person who has reason to believe that a child is a victim of child abuse or neglect has an affirmative duty to make an oral report to Child Protective Services ("CPS") 1-800-800-5556 or to their local law enforcement officials. Failure to report may result in criminal charges.

Title IX Sexual Misconduct
USI does not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and all forms of sexual violence. If you have experienced sexual misconduct, or know someone who has, the University can help. It is important to know that federal regulations and University policy require faculty to promptly report incidences of potential sexual misconduct known to them to the Title IX Coordinator to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and resources are made available. The University will work with you to protect your privacy by sharing information with only those who need to know to ensure we can respond and assist.  If you are seeking help and would like to speak to someone confidentially, you can make an appointment with a counselor in the University Counseling Center. Find more information about sexual violence, including campus and community resources, at