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The Nursing Education specialty prepares the nurse to be an educator in schools of nursing or health care institution with skills in curriculum development and implementation, teaching strategies for the classroom and clinical setting, and measurement of student and program outcomes. There are a total of 42 credit hours in the specialty.

The Nursing Education graduate is prepared to:

  1. Integrate the roles of faculty scholarship, teaching and service.
  2. Formulate learning objectives, learning strategies and activities in relationship to theories of teaching and learning.
  3. Facilitate relationships between students and clinical agencies demonstrating an expertise in nursing and the ability to influence change.
  4. Advocate for students and develop mutual respect through advising, counseling, understanding diversity, conveying a sense of caring and serving as a preceptor and role model.
  5. Integrate into the role of a faculty member participation in institutional committees and leadership to the school, institution and the profession.
  6. Disseminate knowledge of teaching expertise through publication and presentation of innovative teaching methods and outcomes of scholarly work.
  7. Integrate innovative and creative teaching strategies that consider increasing use of technology in education, changing perspectives on teaching and learning and the needs of a global society.