University of Southern Indiana

RN licensure requirement

Holding an unencumbered RN license is a prerequisite for being admitted to and remaining in this nursing program.  An RN license will not be considered by this program to be unencumbered if action has been taken or is being proposed against the license by any agency of government, or if the RN has entered into or is currently discussing an agreement with any agency of government concerning the license or if any restrictions have been imposed by an agency of government on an RN’s ability to practice the nursing profession or if any restrictions are being proposed by an agency of government.  An applicant or student is required to immediately advise the Program Chair in writing if their RN license has been encumbered or if any agency of government is proposing to encumber an RN’s license.

After review by the Program Chair of any action involving the encumbrance [or proposed encumbrance] of a license, the student may not be allowed to participate in clinical experiences of the program.  Failure to report an encumbered RN license to the Program Chair, as required above, may result in dismissal from the program, particularly where the encumbrance prevents the student from performing any part of the clinical experience. 

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