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Holistic Admission to the undergraduate nursing program may occur after completion of 31 hours of required university courses. Students accepted through the holistic admission process must maintain eligibility.

Mission of the Holistic Admission Process: The mission of the BSN Holistic Admission process is to identify compassionate, dedicated applicants, with diverse experiences in leadership and community engagement, who possess a broad knowledge base, and the communication skills necessary to grow into nurses who are safe, competent, critical thinkers prepared to meet the constantly evolving needs of the community.

Vision of the Holistic Admission Process: Develop nurses who embody attributes needed to become change agents within a global society.

USI’s undergraduate nursing program uses a paperless application system. Applicants will complete the initial undergraduate nursing program application and required supplemental documentation online.

Spring 2023 Start
Application Deadline October 31, 2022
Document Deadline October 31, 2022
Interview Date TBD

Click here for more admission information including online application form
Fall 2023 Start
Application Deadline April 1, 2023
Document Deadline April 15, 2023
Courses Complete by May 5, 2023
Interview Date May 20, 2023
Click here for more admission information including online application form

Spring 2024 Start Fall 2024 Start Sample Plans of Study

Holistic Admission Process

Admission to the program is based upon the applicant’s academic performance, personal statement and resume, and interview. The maximum achievable score is 100.5 points.

Academic Performance (50.5 points)

GPA in required first year prerequisite courses x 10 for a maximum possible 40 points. First year courses used for the GPA are as follows:

  • ENG 101* Rhetoric and Composition I
  • ENG 201* Rhetoric and Composition II
  • BIOL 121* Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL 122* Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHEM 141*+ Principles of Chemistry
  • MATH 114 Quantitative Reasoning
  • PSY 201* Introduction to Psychology
  • HP 115 Medical Terminology
  • UNIV 101 First Year Experience
  • CMST 101* or CMS 107*: Intro to Public Speaking or 107: Interpersonal Communications
  • KIN 192 Concepts in Health & Wellness

* To be eligible for admission to the Nursing Program, all Students must receive a grade of "C" or better in these courses.

+ Students may have the option to take both Chemistry 142 Survey of General Chemistry AND Chemistry 143 Survey of Organic & Biochemistry (4 credit hours each) combination that is the equivalent of Chemistry 141 (4 credit hours). If students take the two-course option, the grades for each will be averaged for the points to be applied to the student’s application.

Additional points for grades in BIOL 121, BIOL 122, and CHEM 141 for a maximum 7.5 points, as follows: A=2.5 pts; B+=2.0 pts; B=1.5 pts; C+=1.0 pts; C=.5 pts.

One additional point per each of the three classes BIOL 121, BIOL 122, and CHEM 141 taken at USI for a maximum possible 3 pts.

Science Eligibility:

  • Anatomy and physiology and chemistry course credit must be earned or equivalent competence demonstrated within five years of enrollment in clinical nursing courses.
  • Any student who receives more than one 'D' or 'F' in any of the required science or nutrition courses is ineligible for the nursing program at USI.
  • Students applying for admission to the USI Nursing Program may enroll in the required science courses a maximum of two times per course including transfer credits from any university or college. This rule applies to all students admitted to the university as of August 2020.

Personal Statement and Leadership and Community Engagement Resume (20 points)

The student will submit a personal statement of 150 words or less describing why they want to become a nurse.

The student will complete a form showcasing leadership and community engagement activities. List the most current extra-curricular and community service activities, awards/honors, and work experience first. Describe work experience and include any leadership roles if applicable. Do not duplicate any entries.

Interview (30 points)

The student will participate in a personal interview. Individual time slots will be assigned at a later date.

Application Requirements:

  • Acceptance to the University of Southern Indiana as an undergraduate.
  • Application to the Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program at the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Link to Application: Holistic Admissions Application.
  • Submission of a 150 word Personal Statement describing why you want to become a nurse. Please create a Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX or PDF document to attach to the Holistic Admissions Application when prompted.
  • Submission of the Leadership and Community Engagement Resume. Please download form provided here and complete. Attach when prompted in the Holistic Admissions Application. Leadership and Community Engagement Resume Form
  • Participation in a personal interview.
  • Non-native speakers of English must meet English proficiency requirements as established by the USI Center for International Programs.