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  1. Who has to follow the HIPAA law?

  2. What is the purpose of HIPAA?

  3. HIPAA regulations require what form of patient information to be protected and remain confidential?

  4. Examples of Protected Health Information (PHI) include:

  5. When can you use or disclose PHI?

  6. Under HIPAA, patients have certain rights. Which of the following documents must be provided to the patient to notify them of their rights to privacy?

  7. HIPAA penalties and sanctions can include:

  8. HIPAA penalties and sanctions may apply to:

  9. Compliance with HIPAA requires that all workforce members are trained

  10. Your sister's best friend just had surgery at the medical center. Your sister asks you to find out his prognosis. What should you do?

  11. Because I have access to confidential patient information as part of my job, I can look up anybody's record, even if they are not my patient, as long as I keep the information to myself.

  12. You can protect patient information by:

  13. Your supervisor (a physician) is very busy and asks you to log into the clinical information system using her user-ID and password to retrieve some patient reports. What should you do?

  14. You have contacted housekeeping to clean a patient's room. You discuss specific details of this patient's condition that are not necessary for completion of cleaning tasks. This would be an example of:

  15. To protect PHI during conversations within a healthcare work environment:

  16. An appropriate method to dispose of "PHI" permanently would be:

  17. An example of HIPAA violation and possible breach of confidentiality would be

  18. Under HIPAA, patients can refuse to allow their PHI to be shared with family, friends, or others
  19. Under the right to Access, healthcare employees have the right to access their own medical records directly, using job-related access such as hospital information and medical records.
  20. The person designated as the Privacy/Compliance Officer for the USI College of Nursing and Health Professions is

  21. The head of surgery asks to see a patient's chart. This physician is not the patient's doctor, however, you know that the patient is a personal friend and he wants to see how his friend is doing. You should:

  22. You enter a conference room for a meeting and find that several reports with patient identifiers have been left on the table. You should:

  23. A local television "star" is a patient in your facility. Administration asks you to check the medical record to see if the patient's treatment was successful. You are not providing care to this person but you have access to all records. What should you do?

  24. Mrs. Stern is in your care and has an adverse reaction to a medication. The reaction is not life-threatening but requires immediate attention. You attempt to reach Dr. Jones and find that she is at the health club. You call the club and get the receptionist. An appropriate response would be:

  25. You are in the cafeteria at a clinical site and begin discussing the details of a patient's medical case with a fellow student in a very soft voice. A member of the patient's family overhears your conversation and reports you to the hospital administration for violation of privacy. You did your best to be quiet and did not intend to violate privacy. Which of the following is a possible consequence of your actions?

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