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  1. AIDS and hepatitis B and hepatitis C are caused by pathogens that are found in the blood of those infected.
  2. The HIV-infected person who develops AIDS will probably have trouble fighting off infections.
  3. HIV can be cured with zidovudine (AZT).
  4. Which statement is true about individuals infected with HBV?

  5. Which statement is true about HIV, HBV, and healthcare workers?

  6. Which list contains only body fluids that are important potential sources of HIV, HBV and HCV infection?

  7. What are the modes of transmission outside the workplace?

  8. What mode of transmission has accounted for most documented cases of occupational transmission?

  9. Which statement is true about immunization against hepatitis B?

  10. Which statement about Universal Precautions and Standard Precautions is true?

  11. What should be done FIRST after an exposure incident?

  12. For those who have not been vaccinated, exposure to HBV is treated with injections of hyperimmune globulin.
  13. Latex examination gloves should be washed and reused whenever possible.
  14. What is the most common bloodborne infection in the U.S.?

  15. Protective clothing must be removed as soon as is practical if it becomes soiled with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids.
  16. How can puncture wounds be avoided?

  17. Which of the following was identified as a characteristic of a safer medical device?

  18. What is the first step in cleaning up a blood spill?

  19. Waste that is dripping blood must be placed in containers that are color-coded or clearly labeled "biohazard."
  20. What group does OSHA require to participate in the evaluation and selection of safer medical devices?

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