Allow Cookies: Fail

A cookie is a small piece of text stored on your computer by a web server, containing name-value pairs of user-specific data, such as session information, or shopping cart contents. We use cookies to hold some input form data, until it can be stored in our database. All cookies created during this current visit will be deleted when this session is ended. You must enable Cookies in your browser to continue. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to change this setting.

You may also be behind a firewall that doesn't allow you to receive cookies. This is sometimes the case for users connecting from a business that limits cookie acceptance for security reasons. To check if this is a factor, contact your network/system administrator.

Send Referring Page Information: Fail

When you follow a link on the web, browsers normally send information to the web server about the page or site that you last visited before you jumped to the current one. Sites that pass information from page to page, such as this one, often require that "Referrer Logging" is enabled. Consult your browser's Help section for information on how to enable this setting.

NOTE: Failing one of the previous checks, can produce a false failure of this check. If you continue to receive a failure notice for Referring Page Information, but pass the previous checks, you may need to try a different web browser

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