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New Harmony is the site of many historic firsts, from science and industry to arts and culture

  • Largest Granary in North America
  • Exported goods to 21 states and 10 foreign countries
  • Developed 75 horsepower steam engine
  • First fire engine
  • First independent printing press in Indiana
  • Financial bailout of the State of Indiana
  • Oldest celibacy community in Indiana
  • Second oldest museum in the United States
  • Trademark “The Golden Rose”
  • Harmony Society’s Farmer’s Bank (Vincennes)
  • First town band in Indiana
  • Oldest continuously operating public library in Indiana – Working Men’s Institute
  • School of Industry for adult learners
  • Rapp-Owen Granary: Headquarters for Federal Geological Surveys (1847 to 1856)
  • New Harmony Schools: Pestalozzianism and educational reform in the United States
  • Minerva Society: one of the earliest women's clubs in America with a constitution and bylaws
  • One of the first infant schools in the United States
  • Early maker and distributers of wine, whisky and beer