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Hello from the Director of the Honors Program!

Hi there! 

I'm excited to see you're interested in the Honors Program and I'd love to get to know you. 

I love Honors because our program brings an extra dimension to your time at USI. We all know students who dutifully come to college, check off all the right boxes, and leave with a diploma.

But Honors students? You bring a life and a spark to our academic community. You're creative and curious. You're dependable and dedicated. You're hard-working, but you know how to have fun. You have goals in mind, but you love to learn for learning's sake. 

Come and see me! If you're on campus, stop by Orr Center 1070. If you're not, please call or

Ask me why I love USI or why you should join the Honors Program. 

Or we can just chat. I've lived in NJ, VA, OR, Beijing, PRC and Taipei, ROC. I love playing board games and making chain mail jewelry. And I write fantasy novels about Werewolves. I have three kids and I hope to be a crazy cat lady. I'd love to talk to you and find out what YOU like! 

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Best wishes, 


Dr. Sarah E. Stevens

Director of the Honors Program and the Living Learning Communities

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Gender Studies

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