Housing and Residence Life

Mission and Vision

Shaping our living learning experience into an exceptional community.

It is the mission of Housing and Residence Life to provide a high quality, affordable, convenient, and safe living environment for members of the USI community that is culturally enriching, conducive to academic success, and creates opportunities for personal growth.

Core Values
We engage all members of Housing and Residence Life with the USI community by promoting a positive culture with opportunities to work together, to problem solve and to build strong working connections as team members.

We value civility and diversity in all forms.  By challenging ourselves to continue to grow in our understanding of self and others, we celebrate the diversity of our community through inclusion.  We respect each other's differences by providing a safe living environment regardless of ability, age, background, ethnicity, experience, gender, gender identity, lifestyle, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, talent, or veteran status.

We are innovative thinkers who welcome change through continual improvement.  We are resilient, embracing challenges and overcoming adversity.

We are ethical professionals who embrace honesty, trust, and mutual respect; through these principles we create a strong community.

We shape the residential environment to influence and impact the growth and development of our community and its members.

Learning Outcomes
Housing and Residence Life upholds a philosophy based on the ideals of education, responsibility and acceptance.  The department maintains a strong commitment to our community members (residents) in upholding these ideals.  In accordance with these ideals, students and staff in our community agree to:

Personal Responsibility and Competence

Students will....

-explore identities and cultures and seek opportunities for growth.
-practice behaviors that promote health, safety, and personal wellness.
-understand the context of their actions and the impact those actions have on others.
-learn appropriate and effective communication skills.


Students will...

-demonstrate respect for differing perspectives by living and interacting appropriately with members of their community.
-create and build connections with faculty, staff, students, and the USI campus.
-participate in opportunities to learn about various cultures, beliefs, and diversity.
-understand the positive impact of service for others and the community.
-participate in challenging conversations to promote understanding and respect for opposing perspectives.
-recognize their responsibility to advocate for members of their community.

Application of Knowledge

Students will...

-use effective verbal and appropriate non-verbal communication skills that promote collaboration.
-contribute and interact in a diverse, global society.
-identify and analyze problems, and develop effective solutions.
-reflect on knowledge gained in the classroom.

Congruent with our departmental values of collaboration, diversity, innovation, integrity and learning, Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing a variety of opportunities for residents to practice these ideals both individually and as a community.


Housing and Residence Life

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