Moving to Campus

Choosing to Live on Campus

Do I have to live on campus?

USI does not require students to live on campus.

Visit the HRL website for information about amenities and floor plans of our apartments and residence halls.

Move In Dates

When can I move in?

More information about fall move in will be available later in the summer.  If you have questions about spring housing, please call 812-468-2000 or email Living.

Packing Lists and Tips

Remember most residents are sharing approximately 700 square feet with three other students. Consider the room size and that space is limited. We encourage students to pack lightly and purchase additional items after you move in. Walmart and grocery stores are conveniently located near campus. Also we recommend that students wait until they move in to measure spaces as dimensions may vary slightly from building to building. For more information and a list of what to bring/not to bring, visit Packing List.

Internet and Phone

Can I connect to Internet from my room?

USI provides wireless and wired internet access in housing. For information on how to connect to both, please see Information Technology. Residents should bring their own ethernet cord.

Students are welcome to use their preferred streaming services and devices to watch favorite shows, movies, etc.

Is there a phone in my room?

Each room has a telephone jack that is designed for a specific phone type. Residents may not plug in their own phones. Residents who want a landline phone may contact Information Technology (812-465-1080) to request a phone. The phone and local service will be provided at no charge. Long distance service is available by paying additional fees.

Cleaning and Supplies

Do I have to clean my own room?

Residents must provide their own cleaning supplies and are responsible for cleaning their own space as well as common areas in suites and apartments.

Decorating My Room

What can I put on the walls?

Residents are allowed to hang pictures and posters in their apartments and residence hall suites. Housing and Residence Life strongly encourages residents to use Command Strips or small picture nails only. Large nails, staples, screws, wall anchors, poster putty, or tape on walls or doors inside or outside the apartment/residence halls are prohibited. TV wall mounts are not allowed. Residents may be subject to damage charges regardless of what is used to hang items and/or if they attempt to repair the damage.


Can I bring my own furniture?

All Housing and Residence Life facilities are considered fully furnished. Due to limited space, furniture may not be removed from student apartments or residence hall suites. Students may not bring their own furniture including beds, mattresses, couches, etc.

Are lofts allowed?

Lofts and risers are prohibited in apartments and residence halls.

What is the standard mattress size?

Twin size beds are provided in four-person/two-bedroom apartments and residence hall suites. Each bed comes with a standard size mattress. Full size beds are provided in designated single rooms in the apartments. Students who buy out a bedroom side (apartments only) will have two twin beds. Residents may not bring their own mattresses. There are a limited number of extra-long mattresses for those taller than 6’3”. Contact  to request an extra-long mattress.

What are the room dimensions?

Click here to find floor plans for the apartments and residence hall rooms.

Are bed linens provided?

Residents must provide their own linens.

Are blinds or curtains provided?

Blinds are provided for windows in residence hall suites and apartments. Blinds may not be removed. Curtains are allowed if hung using tension rods. In the apartments there must be a one-foot clearance of the air conditioning unit so it can function properly. Window dimensions can vary slightly from building to building so it is recommended you wait until after you move in to measure for curtains.

Are shower curtains and towel racks provided?

A shower liner and hooks are provided in all apartment and residence hall suite bathrooms. There is also a towel rack in each bathroom.


The University of Southern Indiana requires that students submit a completed Student Immunization Form to the Student Immunization office prior to checking into housing. The immunization form is included in the Admitted Student Packet sent by Admissions. Failure to submit immunization records may result in contract termination with full contract cancellation penalties.

Mail and Packages

What is my mailing address? Where do I pick up packages? How do I get a mail key or combination?

Click here to learn your mailing address, where your mailbox is located, where to pick up packages and much more.

Meal Plans

Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

Students who will be living in the residence halls (Newman, Governors, O'Bannon or Ruston Hall) are required to choose between the Red, White, or Blue meal plans. Students not living in the residence halls have the option of purchasing a meal plan, but it is not required.


Are pets allowed?

Students are not allowed to have pets in campus housing. Only small fish are allowed in both the residence halls and apartments. Aquariums must be 20 gallons or less.

Renter's Insurance

Do I need renter's insurance?

USI strongly advises that personal renter's insurance be purchased by students living in housing. USI shall not be directly or indirectly liable for loss or theft of personal property, or for damage or destruction of such property by fire, water, or other causes. Check your family's homeowner's insurance policy; college students living on campus may be covered.


Do I have to pay for utilities?

All costs for utilities (electric, Internet-high speed and wireless, water, trash/recycling) are included in student housing rates. The University pays these utilities as a convenience for the student. Residents who abuse this convenience by running the air conditioner with doors and windows open, leaving water running, not reporting water leaks, etc., may be charged the extra costs associated with this abuse or neglect. Residents also can face fines/disciplinary action for this behavior.


Housing and Residence Life

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