Housing and Residence Life

Residence Hall Amenities


  • There are four freshman-only buildings with interior hallways.
  • Suite-style layout with 695 square feet in two bedroom suites. 
  • Four people per suite, two per bedroom, except in the one bedroom wedge room. 
  • Two bedroom suite common living area includes couch, chair, and mini-kitchen area with sink, under-the-counter refrigerator (provided), and storage cabinets. Residents must provide dishes, utensils, microwave, etc.
  • Limited availability of one person bedrooms (wedge rooms): single twin bed, one dresser, one closet, no living room, desk/chair, chair, and mini-kitchen area with sink, storage cabinets and under-the-counter refrigerator (provided). Residents must provide dishes, utensils, microwave, etc.
  • Overhead lighting with ample outlets for individual lamps (halogen not permitted).
  • Individual temperature controls by suite.
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their suites and must provide their own cleaning supplies and trash cans.


  • Bedrooms have two desks/chairs, two twin beds with mattresses (beds are standard size twin). Two bedroom suites do not have dressers.
  • Each bedroom has a private bathroom with a towel bar. A shower liner and hooks are provided. Residents must provide toilet paper, towels, toiletries, etc.
  • Beds raised to their highest have a space of 30" high underneath for storage. Lofts and bed risers are prohibited.
  • Beds can be bunked. Metal pins are in each bedroom to do so. Students are responsible for bunking beds.
  • Each bedroom has two closets - one for each resident. Single bedroom (wedge room) has one closet. All closets have a top shelf that runs the length of the closet. In Newman and Governors, there is additional shelving that is along one side of each closet.
  • There are two windows in each bedroom in the two bedroom suites. Corner suites will have one bedroom with four windows and one bedroom with two windows. Windows blinds are provided and cannot be removed. Residents may hang curtains but should only use tension curtain rods. It is recommended that residents wait until they move in to measure windows for curtains since dimensions may vary among buildings.
  • There is a floor to ceiling glass panel with a window in the middle in single wedge rooms in Newman and Governors. There are blinds that cover the entire glass panel and window. There is one window in single wedge rooms in Ruston and O'Bannon with blinds. Blinds should not be removed.
  • In Newman, Governors and O'Bannon the bedrooms have carpet while the bathroom and common area are vinyl flooring. In Ruston, bedrooms and common area are carpet with vinyl flooring in the bathroom.


  • Cable outlet in common area only (Newman and Governors) and cable outlet in common area and bedrooms (O'Bannon and Ruston). Residents must provide cable cord. There is no specific cord length as it depends on how residents choose to arrange the furniture in the rooms. 
  • Rooms are equipped with Ethernet connections and wireless Internet access (resident must provide Ethernet cord). There is no specific cord length as it depends on how residents choose to arrange the furniture in the rooms.

Additional Amenities

  • All halls have six computer lab areas.
  • There is a large first floor lounge in each hall.
  • Additional lounge space is on the second and third floors as well as lower level in O'Bannon and Ruston. Lounge space is on second and third floors in Newman and Governors.
  • Vending machines are located in each building.
  • There is a laundry room on the second floor of each building. Laundry uses coins or Eagle Access Card. Laundry is $1.50 to wash per load and $1.25 to dry per load.
  • An ice machine is next to the laundry room of each building.
  • Mailboxes for residents are located in the lobby of each building.



Housing and Residence Life

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