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FAQ for Parents and Community Members

I am a parent of a USI student with a disability. If I have questions or concerns about their experience at USI, who do I contact?

This depends on the nature of your question or concern. If your question is directly related to your student's accommodations or to the University's accommodation process, contact the Manager of Disability Resources (812-464-1961 or email ) . You can also access helpful information online by following the links found on the Disability Resources website. If the Manager of Disability Resources is unable to answer your questions or you have general questions about your student's rights under the ADA and Section 504, you can also contact the ADA Coordinator at 812-465-7101 or email . Depending on the circumstances and nature of the issue, consultation with both the Manager of Disability Resources and the ADA Coordinator may be recommended. Please remember: as an adult, your student's information is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and by state and federal confidentiality laws. As a result, representatives of the University cannot directly provide or discuss any information regarding your student's experiences at USI without your student's prior authorization. However, no such authorization is needed for you to obtain general information about the ADA, Section 504, or the University's disability accommodation process.

I am a community member with a disability who will be participating in a USI-sponsored public event either on or off campus. Who do I contact about any accommodations that I may need?

Each University department is responsible for the accessibility of any events that it sponsors or conducts. The majority of USI-sponsored activities include an "accommodation statement" within the event or activity's promotional materials (e.g. brochures, invitations, websites, etc.) that informs participants where to direct requests or questions about accommodations for that event, or may otherwise include contact information for obtaining information about the activity from a specific individual. If you are unable to find such a statement or contact information, directly contact the University department that is sponsoring/conducting the event or extracurricular activity. You can generally locate specific University departments by searching the website and using the "Search USI" box in the upper right to locate that department's contact information.

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View more FAQ or contact the ADA Coordinator at 812-465-7101 or email .

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