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Voluntary Aflac Coverage


Voluntary Hospital Indemnity 

Hospital Indemnity coverage, available through Aflac, pays a benefit when you or your covered dependents are admitted to the hospital for a covered stay. This coverage can complement your health insurance to help you pay for the costs associated with a hospital stay. It can also provide funds which can be used to help pay the out-of-pocket expenses your medical plan may not cover, such as coinsurance, copays and deductibles.

Voluntary Accident

Accident coverage applies to non-work related accidents only. If you elect to purchase accident coverage, this plan pays a tax-free benefit directly to you to help offset unexpected expenses associated with an accident (off the job only) for yourself or a covered family member.

Voluntary Critical Illness

A critical illness can be a major detriment to your income, health insurance expenses and daily living. Aflac’s critical illness plan pays a lump sum directly to you for any of the conditions shown in the summary. You also may cover your spouse and dependent children. If you elect coverage for yourself, your child also will receive coverage equal to 50% of that amount.

Filing a Claim

To file a claim employees with Aflac coverage can log-in to the website at and click on customer service, then click on file a claim and follow the instructions. There are a few fields the form will ask for, Employee ID, Certificate Number and Group Number, the Group Number is 26674. The other information will be in the Welcome letter from Aflac. That information is not required to complete the claim, so if it is not available the employee can just bypass it.     

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