University of Southern Indiana

KESHO Organization

KESHO is USI student organization consisting of men and women.  KESHO is a Swahili term that means "Tomorrow". We believe that by empowering women and raising global awareness we are impacting tomorrow.

We have 3 main goals: inspiring and empowering women, as well as, promoting awareness locally over global issues. We have broken down these 3 goals into the following objectives.

Inspire women globally
• Serve as role models
• Mentor young girls through sharing our stories
• Build relationships

Empower women globally
• Equip members within KESHO with the tools necessary to become global leaders
• Support small businesses endeavors in impoverished communities
• Provide resources and support for women/girls education impoverished communities

Awareness of Global Issues
• Educate local community about global issues through activities, conversations, and events

To find out more about KESHO and our events, follow us on Facebook.

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