University of Southern Indiana

Insurance for International Travel

USI Employees
USI employees, including "volunteer workers" are covered by the International Advantage Commercial Insurance Policy with ACE American Insurance Company by the Employers Responsibility Coverages with Executive Assistance. It includes coverage under the commercial general liability coverage form with:

  • $1 million limits/$2 million annual aggregate limits of liability, voluntary compensation coverage providing Indiana limits for workers compensation coverage
  • $1 million bodily injury to employees for accident or endemic illness
  • $1 million policy limit for medical evacuation/repatriation.

Employees also have AD&D (Accidental Death & Dismemberment) with Medical Coverage with:

  • $100,000 principal sum for AD&D
  • $10,000 for coverage B—accident and sickness medical expense

This is 24-hour business travel protection. Their Executive Assistance includes medical assistance with $1 million policy limit, personal assistance, travel assistance and security assistance.

Other Participants
USI students, chaperons and other participants on a USI tour, trip or study program are covered by the AD&D and Medical coverage for Educational Services, including travel during any bona fide trip plus up to 14 days of sojourn:

  • $25,000 principal sum for AD&D (coverage A)
  • $25,000 principal sum for coverage B (accident and sickness medical expense)

The Executive Assistance Services has a limit of $500,000 up to an annual aggregate of $1 million for medical assistance services. Executive Assistance Services also includes personal assistance, travel assistance and security assistance. Medical Assistance services include emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and repatriation of mortal remains. (This coverage has been greatly enhanced since 2008).

Insurance cards can be printed from the USI Risk Management website. The University will also provide a sticker with emergency contact phone numbers which can be placed on page 5 of the traveler's passport. Program directors should contact the Center for International Programs or Risk Management prior to departure.

For more information visit and then click on the 'more' link after 'ACE International Advantage Package Policies'. The website to access the e-services is (the USI ID is acepremier and our password of 7kilt6).

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