Center for International Programs

Calendar and Attendance Policy

2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018  

Session 1

August 20 - October 12

IEP Orientation is on August 15th 

No Class Days: September 3,  October 8 and 9

Final Exams: October 10-12

Fall 2018

Session 2

Oct 15 - December 12

IEP Orientation is on October 12

No Class Days: November 22-25

Final Exams: December 10-12

Spring 2019

Session 1

January 7 - March 1

IEP Orientation is on January 3rd 

No Class Days: January 21

Final Exams: Feb 27- March 1

Spring break: March 4-9

Spring 2019 

Session 2

March 11 - May 1

IEP Orientation is on March 6th

No Class Days: April 19

Final Exams: April 29- May1

Summer 2019


June 10- August 2

IEP Orientation is on June 6t

No Class Days: July 4, 

Final Exams: July 30, August 1, 2


Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all their classes as assigned in their schedules. At the beginning of each session, students sign the attendance policy which informs the students of the requirements and expectations.The attendance policy will also be described in each instructor's syllabus.

Attendance is crucial in order to improve language skills and maintain legal status while in the U.S. 

Appropriate measures will take place if a student is absent a certain percentage of the classes. A meeting with the director of the Intensive English Program and/or the Assistant Provost will be arranged for individual counseling to address attendance, immigration as it relates to attendance and other issues that may arise.


Intensive English Program

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