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We prefer to use your Eagle Access ID Photo or Employee photo from Photography Services.  If you want to use that photo we have access to the image. You may skip the photo guidelines below.

Photo Submission Guidelines

*Please read the following guidelines to ensure that your photo is approved.*

  • Must be a Current Color Photo
  • White or Solid-Color background
  • You must be looking straight at the camera
  • Photo must be face & shoulders - not a full body image.
  • Do not wear anything that obstructs the view of your face (hats or sunglasses)
  • File Format
    • Must be '.jpg'
    • Image must be 300 pixels by 300 pixels
    • File cannot exceed 50KB
    • If you do not have the ability to complete these formatting steps - we will complete them for you

Acceptable Images:


Acceptable however will be cropped (not square)


Unacceptable Images:



The IT Department reserves the right to refuse any photo that does not meet the requirements.

You will be notified by email if your photo has been denied.

If you have any difficulty submitting your photo, please email us at


To Request a photo Import send an email to

SUBJECT: Please import my Photo to email

1) Your Name

2) Your USI email address

3) Your contact phone number

4)  a. OK to Use Eagles Access ID Photo
     b. OK to use Photography Services Photo
     c. Submit your photo with email

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