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Membership Request in DDL

How to request membership in Department Distribution List

Most of our email distribution groups have an “owner” within the department.  This person has the ability to add/remove members.  To find the owner, and request membership, follow the instructions below.

Log into your email via the web -


1. Click on the COG / Settings (top right)

2. Choose OPTIONS

 1 (1)

3. Choose GROUPS (on left)

This should show you what groups you belong to (below)

4. Click on the +JOIN icon

2 (1)

5. Search for your Distribution list (Department name)

6. Double click the distribution list.  

3 (1)

7. At this point you can see who owns/manages the group.

8. Click JOIN – this should send an email to the owner asking them to add you to the distribution group.

9. Always remember to LOG OFF of your web mail – Click on your name (top right), and choose Sign Out.

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