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How long do I get to use my Eagles e-Mail account & Office software?

If you graduate from USI, you will get the Alumni role added to your profile and you will have access to your e-mail account indefinitely (our lawyers won't let us say forever). If you cease to be a student, or employee, without the Alumni Role, we will remove your Microsoft license. This deletes your email account. This will also remove the license to the Microsoft Office software. The Microsoft Office software is available to Students and Employees (not alumni).

Tips to export your e-mail before it is deleted are Here.

What is PILOTUSI.ONMICROSOFT.COM? is the initial domain created with Microsoft for Office 365. EVERY USI account on Office 365 has this domain associated with its account. It is used ‘behind the scenes’.

To personalize the USI 365 accounts, we were able to add our own domain to each account. We have added EAGLES.USI.EDU to each account. This is the domain we reference when talking about eagles-mail and Office 365 accounts at USI.

Example: If someone were to send an email to, it would deliver to the exact same mailbox as

If your mail appears to be coming from, please let the helpdesk know (812.465.1080) and your account can be modified so that your mail appears to come from your account

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