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When you register at USI you will be given a password.  This password is needed to access many different services. Keep this password private and secure.  This password protects your private data.

How to Change Your Password

1. Login to myUSI (

2. Click on "Password Change" at the top

Password Restrictions/Requirements:

  • Password must contain at least 12 characters
  • Password cannot contain your username (for example, John Smith could not use jsmithxxx)
  • Password cannot contain your first or last name
  • Password must contain characters from at LEAST 3 of the 4 categories below
    1. Upper Case Letters: A, B, C..
    2. Lower Case Letters: d, e, f...
    3. Numbers: 1, 2, 3...
    4. Special Characters: ~, !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, (, ), +, <, >, ?...

Good Password Examples:

  • read#Books2me - has uppercase, lowercase, number, special character, and is 13 characters in length
  • Crown7elephant - has uppercase, lowercase, number, and is 14 characters in length
  • wewantMORE$$ - has uppercase, lowercase, special character, and is 12 characters in length

Bad Password Examples:

  • Basketball2 - has 3 categories (uppercase, lowercase, and number), but it is too short in length and too easy to guess
  • october102018 - only has 2 categories (lowercase, numbers), so it needs either uppercase letters or special characters (or both!)

Tips to Create a Complex Password:

  • Creating a "pass phrase" is one way that helps to memorize a complex password.  example:  IHave3DogsatHome
  • Put your capital letters within the text (not just at the beginning - see previous example)
  • Put your numbers within the text (not just at the end - see 3 dog example)
  • Use special character as your space between words: sw33t%Simple

If You Forget Your Password or Have Other Password Problems

  • You can visit the IT Help Desk. Please bring a form of identification that can be used to verify your identity such as your driver’s license or USI ID card. Once your identity has been confirmed, the Help Desk staff can reset your password for you.
  • You can call the IT Help Desk at 812-465-1080. When calling on the phone, the Help Desk staff will present you with a series of questions to verify your identity. If your identity cannot be verified over the phone, you will need to visit in person.  We do not do password resets through email.

Why Should I Care About Password Security?

Your login name, or userID, allows you to access the resources and services associated with the University of Southern Indiana's network. If someone else determines your password, they would have full access to your files, your e-mail, personal information, and more. This intruder could modify or destroy your files, send threats via e-mail in your name, or subscribe to unwanted services for which you'd have to pay. A stolen user account could be utilized to expose/steal other network resources within the University. An insecure password can easily wreak havoc in your life. Therefore, all USI faculty, students, and employees (including contractors and vendors with access to USI systems) are responsible for ensuring their accounts are protected by secure passwords.