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Communicating with Students

  • Email is still the best way to reach students, however discretion should be used when communicating through this channel. See Email Tips for successfully sending a message. Messages can be sent using Mail Merge. Under special circumstances, when it is important to get a message out to all students, University Communications can send a message to all students and/or faculty and staff through the University's Constant Contact account. 

  • The SOURCE is the weekly student activities e-newsletter for the University of Southern Indiana community. Student Development Programs creates and manages the e-newsletter, which contains ads and information on upcoming events. Advertisements for events can be submitted by emailing your information and graphing to

  • Use the University Calendar to post an event. Events scheduled through Special Events are automatically added to the calendar, however you should contact the calendar administrator for your area to make sure the details and description of your event are uploaded to the calendar. 

  • Post an announcement on MyUSI
  • Fill out a SYMON System Request Form to get messages approved to be featured on closed circuit television screens around campus.
  • Contact Special Events & Scheduling Services to get posters and flyers approved to be placed on bulletin boards around campus. Creative and Print Services can assist with poster and flyer creation and printing.

  • Use OrgSync, an online management tool USI students use to manage their co-curricular activities at USI. OrgSync can be accessed using your myUSI username and password. The OrgSync app, for both Android and Apple devices, is available for download. 

  • Use Blackboard, a course management system used by USI faculty and students. Many of your courses will require you to use Blackboard. Students can access course materials their professors make available and may participate in class discussions online. 

  • Communicate through social media channels. USI has several official University accounts and hashtags, and many departments have accounts already in place as well. A full list of accounts can be found at If you don't find an account that works for you, contact Ben Luttrull, media relations specialist, to see if creating a new account might be a good fit for your area.

  • News about your department or students can be pitched to local media, including campus media channels, by contacting Ben Luttrull, media relations specialist. Information about contacting news media can be found in the University's News Media Policy

  • To buy paid advertising in campus media, contact them directly. 
    • The Shield, USI's student-run newspaper and online publication
    • The Spin, USI's student-run radio station
    • Set TV 12, USI's student-run television station, and includes the Access USI campus news program. 

  • USI Today is an online communications tool for faculty and staff, however you may find that information important for students can be disseminated to other departments through this channel. Use the Submit News button on the right side of the page.

  • Send  stories and information about your department or students for publication consideration in illume, the University's alumni magazine which is published by University Communications twice a year in the fall and spring semesters. 

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