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Updating Address Book

How do I change the way my name / office / phone number is displayed in the Outlook Address book?

Currently an employee’s name, office location and telephone information are populated from the HR Banner system.

If your OFFICE or TELEPHONE information is incorrect in the address book - please send an email to  Include your name, your correct phone number, your correct Office location and a short message. 

If you have had a name change, and you would like your email address and login ID to change - Use the online form.  Example your user name needing to change from JSJones to JSBlack.  You should have already completed the name change process in Human Resources prior to filling out the IT form.

HR requires the name in their system match your Social Security card EXACTLY.

We have designed a Work-around so that you can have a preferred NAME appear in email – without changing what is in the HR system.  This form only changes the spelled out name - not the email address and LoginID.  If you would like your DISPLAY name to change - use the online form.  Example: from Richard to Rick.


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