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How to Determine the Size of an Image

How to check an Image's Size

myUSI announcement image files must be in *.jpg, *.gif or *.png format.

If your image is in Microsoft Publisher, start at Step 1 to convert to *.jpg.

If your image is already in one of the approved formats, proceed to Step 2.

Step 1: **Always keep your original file in *.pub, so you can make any additional changes

            a) Open your *.pub file in Publisher

            b) Click 'File' --> Save As

            c) Click 'Browse' and change the 'Save as type' to .jpg from the dropdown menu

            d) Click Save and Close the file

Step 2: **Locate the image you just saved from Step 1.

            a) Right-Click your image, select 'Open with' from the list of options and choose Paint from the list of programs

            b) Now that you're in Paint, choose 'Resize' under the Home menu.

            c) In the 'Resize and Skew' window, make sure both Pixels and Maintain aspect ratio are selected and checked.

            d) Currently, your image's size is displayed. Of the 2 sizes, determine which is the largest (Horizontal or Vertical).

            e) If Horizontal is larger, replace this number with 433. If Vertical is larger, replace this number with 300

                (myUSI announcement images have a max size of 433x300 width and height)

            f) When you make the change in Step E, the other number will automatically adjust (maintain aspect ratio).

            g) If your image is STILL larger than the myUSI limits, then tweak the numbers until both are within the limits.


            h) Save the File. Done!

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