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Email Alias Request Form

Now faculty and staff can have an email Alias for their email account.

Every employee at USI has been assigned an email address using a unique username. Usernames are system generated and are typically formatted first initial middle initial last name (example JTSmith). Some people end up with numbers attached (example KABlack13). Some people end up with a truncated username (example CSAnderso).

An e-mail alias is a convenient e-mail address based on your name (for example, The alias is not a new mailbox. It is just an address that is easier to read, write and remember than your official username address. Using an email alias can present a more professional appearance.


  1. Every Alias must contain at least one period, but never two periods in a row. The Alias cannot begin or end with the period.
  2. Aliases are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If another person has already been assigned your first choice, we will use your second choice…
  3. An e-mail alias cannot contain any special characters or spaces. If your name has a hyphen or an apostrophe, use a period instead.
  4. An e-mail alias is not case-sensitive
  5. We reserve the right to reject alias requests that do not stay within the boundaries of your actual name.

Email Alias Request

Contact Information

Ex: 123-456-7890
*IF you are filling out this form for a generic account (ex. then enter YOUR email address in the email address field above.  Enter the Generic account address in the NAME field.  
Alias Preference
Enter up to three possible aliases. Please enter aliases in order of preference, with your top choice first and your third choice last.

Archibald.Eagle, A.Eagle, Archie.Eagle

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