University of Southern Indiana

Microsoft Office @ Home

This software is available to STUDENTS and EMPLOYEES.  It is NOT available to Alumni or Retirees.

This software is for your personal devices. If you have University owned equipment, please let the Desktop Support team install your software.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Southern Indiana has a Microsoft Campus agreement to lease specific software.  The University is extending to faculty and staff the right to use the software for school-related purposes at home. You do NOT own the license or the CDs: rather you are leasing the license from the University for the term of the agreement. The software will need to be removed from your computer if the Campus Agreement is not renewed or if you leave the University. 

How to get Microsoft Office.

1) Log into MyUSI, (Images Below)

2) Click the Office 365 icon (On Left)

Office 365_icon

3) Click the INSTALL OFFICE button in the top right.

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