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LIBA 497 ~ Capstone Studies

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Though open to students in any major or school, LIBA 497: Capstone Studies is the course used primarily by students majoring in the College of Liberal Arts to satisfy the University Core Curriculum’s Category D: Synthesis requirement. (The exceptions are students being certified in secondary education, who will satisfy Synthesis when they take Education 448.) Most students will take the course in their senior year, when they will be able to choose among a variety of topics offered by instructors from several different disciplines. This site is designed to assist students in choosing the topic of greatest interest and value to themselves.

All sections of LIBA 497 will conform to the following catalog description:

LIBA 497: Capstone Studies—3 credit hours. A senior-level seminar designed for the Synthesis category of the University Core Curriculum. Topics will change from semester to semester, but each offering will encourage students to draw on their educational experiences to develop interdisciplinary responses to a problem or issue in contemporary life. Open to students in any major or school. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent of instructor.

Instructors who are teaching sections of the course have written brief descriptions of the topics they have selected and the approaches they plan to use. Descriptions are arranged by section number. Further information is available from each instructor at the phone number or address listed at the end of his/her description. Information about the program as a whole is available from Robert West, Capstone Director, at 812/461-5209 or rwest.

Summer I - 2012 Semester

(Information subject to change)

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The following course meets May 9-June 1:

30319 LIBA 497. 301 D Capstone: First World War = / 3
MTWRF 08:00am- 10:20am LA 2024 Rode, S (LBST590.301)

The following course meets on-campus and travels abroad:

30601 LIBA 497. 302 D Capstone: Cathedrals P / 3
MWRF 10:30am- 12:50pm LA 2004 Jeffers, R TBA AR Off-C

The following courses meet May 9-June 8:

30320 LIBA 497. 303 D Capstone: Impact of the 60’S = 3
MTWRF 10:30am- 12:30pm LA 2029 Hitchcock, A (LBST590.303)

30578 LIBA 497. 304 D Capstone: Psyche in Lit (Violence in Fiction & Film) = 3 MTWRF 12:00pm- 02:00pm OC 2017 Reid, N (LBST590.304)

30321 LIBA 497. NO1 D Capstone: The Book $ = 3 TBA WEB Hunt, T

Summer II - 2012 Semester

(Information subject to change)

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The following course meets June 18-July 20:

30580 LIBA 497. 401 D Capstone:First World War = 3 MTWRF 12:00pm- 01:45pm LA 2002 Uebelhor, T (LBST590.401)

Fall 2012 Semester

(Information subject to change)

51270 LIBA 497. 001 D Capstone:Silk Road = 3 MW 03:00pm- 04:15pm LA 2022 Poston, V

51271 LIBA 497. 002 D Capstone:Hawaii/New Zealand = 3 MWF 10:00am- 10:50am OC 2018 Spencer, S

51272 LIBA 497. 003 D Capstone:First World War = 3 MWF 12:00pm- 12:50pm LA 2024 Rodgers, T

51273 LIBA 497. 004 D Capstone:Racism in America = 3 MWF 02:00pm- 02:50pm OC 2011 Hart, B

51274 LIBA 497. 005 D Capstone:Memory&Creatv Mind 3 TR 10:30am- 11:45am OC 2033 Kinkade, J

51275 LIBA 497. 006 D Capstone:First World War = 3 T 06:00pm- 08:45pm LA 2024 Uebelhor, T

51276 LIBA 497. 007 D Capstone:Contemp Public Addr = 3 W 06:00pm- 08:45pm LA 2024 Glenn, R

51277 LIBA 497. 008 D Capstone:Philosophy of Comm = 3 R 06:00pm- 08:45pm LA 2024 Dalton, E

51279 LIBA 497. NO1 D Capstone:The Book $ = 3 TBA WEB Hunt, T

51278 LIBA 497. NO2 D Capstone:Subs & Mod Culture $ 3 TBA WEB Herring, D