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Download Checksheet for the University Core Curriculum

In addition to the departmental degree requirements, a minimum of 50 hours in the University Core Curriculum must be met.

Sociology MajorDownload Checksheet for Major in Sociology

Students interested in sociology may elect a major or a minor as part of the liberal arts program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 hours of a foreign language.

What can I do with a sociology degree?

39 semester hours

Required courses ~ 18 hours

  • SOC 121-Principles of Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 370-Seminar in Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 371-Classical Sociological Theory, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 372-Contemporary Sociological Theory, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 391-Introduction to Sociological Research, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 392-Statistics for Social Research, 3 hrs.

Elective courses ~ 21 hours

Twelve hours from the following list:

  • SOC 341-Sociology of Medicine, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 343-Sociology of Death and Dying, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 345-Simulated Games of Society, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 370-Seminar in Sociology (different topic than one applied to above required courses), 3 hrs.
  • SOC 375-Social Change, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 415-Sociology of the Environment, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 421-Race and Ethnicity, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 424-Population, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 426-Sociology of Deviant Behavior, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 431-Gender and Society, 3hrs.
  • SOC 441-Social Movements, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 461-Sociological Issues in Education, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 463-Wealth and Poverty, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH 333-Cultural Anthropology, 3 hrs.

Nine hours of directed electives (maximum of 6 hours in anthropology):

  • SOC 200-Special Topics in Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 221-Computer Applications in Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 225-Criminology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 231-Social Problems, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 235-Juvenile Delinquency, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 251-Principles of Social Psychology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 261-Marriage and Family, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 489-Independent Study in Sociology 1-3 hrs.
  • SOC 499-Internship in Sociology
  • ANTH 101-Introduction to Anthropology, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH 200-Special Topics in Anthropology, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH 251-Peoples of Latin America, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH255-The Cultures of Asia, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH261-Introduction to Archaeology, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH262-Archaeology of North America, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH305-Indians of North America, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH333-Cultural Anthropology, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH 353-Human Origins, 3 hrs.
  • ANTH 407-Psychological Anthropology, 3 hrs.

Sociology Minor Download Checksheet for Minor in Sociology

18 semester hours

Required courses ~ 9 hours

  • SOC 121-Principles of Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 370-Seminar in Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • one 300/400 level sociology course, 3 hrs.

Elective courses ~ 9 hours

  • Three three-hour sociology courses as directed by advisor.
    (Note that one Anthropology course may be counted as one of these elective courses.)

Gerontology Concentration Download Checksheet Gerontology Concentration

(may be pursued as a sociology major is completed)

15 semester hours

Required courses ~ 9 hours

  • SOCW 223-Introduction to Gerontology, 3 hrs.
  • SOC 499-Internship in Sociology, 3 hrs.
  • GERO 315-Health Care Aspects of Gerontology, 3 hrs.

Elective courses ~ 6 hours from the following:

  • SOC 343-Sociology of Death & Dying, 3 hrs.
  • SOCW 323-Social Work Practice with the Aged, 3 hrs. /or/
    PSY 261-Lifespan Developmental Psychology, 3 hrs.
  • Other recommended courses for study:
    • SOC 261-Marriage and Family, 3 hrs.
    • SOC 421-Race and Ethnicity, 3 hrs.
    • PSY 201-Introduction to Psychology, 3 hrs.
    • BIOL 105-Biology of Human Concern, 3 hrs.
    • BIOL 276-, 3 hrs.

Sociology (Teacher Education)

Students who intend to teach history, government, economics, psychology or sociology at the secondary school (high school) level must declare a Social Science Secondary Education Major.

Social Science Associate

The Social Science Associate degree program in social sciences is designed for students who anticipate the need for only two years of college education. Basically it reflects the training received in the first two years of a regular four-year program, and a student may, if he or she desires, continue on to a baccalaureate degree. At the same time a student with an associate degree will have the satisfaction of having recognition for his or her efforts, and will be able to produce a tangible certification for prospective employers.  This degree does not qualify the student to teach high school. Certification for high school teachers requires completion of the Social Science Secondary Education degree.