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A New Multidisciplinary Journal by and for the Students of USI

Beginning in the Spring 2006 semester, the College of Liberal Arts published the first issue of Amalgam, a new multidisciplinary journal by and for the undergraduates of USI.



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Spring 2012 Publication, Volume 7

(Download Spring 2012 issue)


"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
-Benjamin Franklin

Over the past seven years, the Amalgam has proudly served as a platform through which students may share the fruits of their investments in knowledge at the University of Southern Indiana. Regardless of the field of knowledge invested in, the returns on students' scholarly investments, year after year, continue to be great. However, without the direction and support of many people within the USI College of Liberal Arts, the sharing of knowledge through the Amalgam would not have been possible. The faculty advisors-Or. Kearns, Dr. Harison, and Dr. Hitchcock- are once again extended great thanks and appreciation for their work with this year's submissions. We would also like to extend our continued gratitude to Dean Aakhus and the Liberal Arts Council for their support and the funding of the Amalgam for the seventh consecutive year.

In the seventh issue of the Amalgam, students of various disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts reveal the returns on their investments in knowledge of various fields at the University of Southern Indiana. The fruits of Cody Matsel' s study of history are shared through his essay titled "Sustainable Energy, Women, and the Modem World." In "The Role of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in Defining a New Era of Justice in International Humanitarian Law," Stephanie Deig shares the result of her investment in political science knowledge. Finally, Kasey Burns shares "Between Two Worlds: the Transcendence of Hamlet," a product of her study of English, in this issue of Amalgam.

Many thanks are extended to students who submitted essays for publication. The Amalgam continues to serve as an exemplary representation of students' outstanding scholarly growth in the College of Liberal Arts. We look forward to continue facilitating the sharing of the fruits of students' investments in knowledge through the coming years. Erin Schmitt

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