Associate Professor Rob Millard-Mendez,
2009-10 recipient of the "Outstanding Teaching by New Faculty" award.

Full-time Faculty List

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Joan deJong, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Department Chair
Michael Aakhus, Professor of Art, College of Liberal Arts Dean
Brett Anderson, Assistant Professor or Art, Pintmaking
Chuck Armstrong, Contract Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Dr. Hilary Braysmith, Associate Professor of Art History
Alisa (Al) Holen, Assistant Professor of Art, Ceramics
Xinran Hu, Associate Professor of Graphic Design
David Huebner, Sculpture Area Supervisor, Instructor of Art
Robert Millard-Mendez, Associate Professor of Art, Woodworking, Sculpture
Virginia Poston, Contract Instructor of Art History
Dr. Shannon Pritchard, Assistant Professor of Art History
Nancy Raen-Mendez, Contract Assistant Professor of Art, Foundations
Dr. Joseph Uduehi, Associate Professor of Art Education
Kathryn Waters, Professor of Art, Painting
Kristen Wilkins, Assistant Professor of Photographyy