Nancy Raen-Mendez, MFA, Painting

Nancy Raen-Mendez is an accomplished artist and educator who has been teaching at the university level for nearly a decade. She also has considerable experience working professionally in the design field. Nancy’s work has been shown in over 100 exhibitions, including solo, competitive, and invitational shows around the United States as well as internationally. Images of her artwork have been published in two books. Nancy has been the recipient of numerous awards for her artwork. Nancy holds a BFA and MAE degrees from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati.

Nancy creates work in many media, but drawing is currently at the core of her practice. Much of her work involves layering and stacking elements on top of one another. She aims for the layers to both reveal and veil one another, providing considerable ambiguity and mystery in her finished pieces.


Office: TC227
Phone: 812.461.5382