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Director of Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Christopher Rivera
Office: LA 3074B
Phone: 812/228-5173
Email: crivera

Christopher Rivera

Mailing Address:
University of Southern Indiana
College of Liberal Arts
International Studies
8600 University Boulevard
Evansville, IN 47712

Fax:  812/465-7152


Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty List

Administrative Assistant for the Department:
Gayle M. Jessie
Office: OC 3074E
Phone:  812/465-7128
Email:  gjessie
Gayle Jessie

Classical Studies, Director
Dr. Michael Dixon

Office:  LA 3003
Phone:  812/465-1093
Email: mdixon

Cognitive Science Minor, Director
Dr. Rocco J. Gennaro

Office:  LA 3023
Phone:  812/464-1744
Email: rjgennaro

Gender Studies, Director
Dr. Steven D. Williams

Office: LA 3014
Phone: 812/461-5236
Email: swilliam

Humanities, Director
Dr. Allen Helmstetter

Office: OC 3074A
Phone: 812/465-1223
Email: ahelmstett


International Studies, Contact
Ellen Parker
Office: OC 3016
Phone: 812/228-5131
Email: etparker

Capstone Studies, Director
Dr. Robert West

Office: LA 3084
Phone: 812/461-5209
Email: rwest