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Communications (COMM)

COMM 190 Computer Basics (1) An introduction to basic computer usage and programs designed around common computer tasks and programs, such as document/page design, photography manipulation, and grahic design. Course can be repeated three times when students take different topics. No prereq. F, Sp

COMM 192 Introduction to Mass Communication (3) Presentation, lectures, and assignments designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of mass communication; to foster an understanding of the roles and functions of communication media in our society; to present concepts and principles of journalism (oral and written); and to prepare students to be intelligent users of media. Students who take COMM 193, 194, or 195 cannot take COMM 192. No prereq. F, Sp, Su

COMM 299 Special Topics in Communications (3) Topics will vary. Purpose of course is to cover topics which are not specific courses in the curriculum. Course may be repeated once if the topic is different from the one previously taken. No prereq.

COMM 477 Comparative Structures of Mass Media in a Global Community (3) This course examines the history and future of international communications and issues related to mass media in a global community, including: ethnic and cultural diversity, media systems, the role of media, freedom of the press, parity between distribution of news and shaping the public mind, international stereotyping, and international propaganda. Prereq: junior standing or consent of instructor.

COMM 494 Mass Communication Law and Ethics (3) A study of the special laws of libel, First Amendment problems, free press vs. fair trial, copyright, the Internet, ethical issues, and regulatory provisions that pertain to mass media. Prereq: junior standing. F, Sp, Su

COMM 495 Mass Communication Research (3) Theories and applications of research methods for the mass media including survey design, basic statistical procedures, sampling, and the reporting of data. Prereq: junior or senior standing. F, Sp

COMM 496 Media Ethics (3) Has changed to JRN 496...

COMM 497 Career Planning and Professional Development (1) This course is designed to prepare the student for transition from college to the job market by examining career options, job search preparation, ethics in professional practice, and leadership skills and development related to decision making. Prereq: PRA, JRN, or RTV major or minor and senior standing or consent of instructor.