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International Studies (INST prefix)

INST 101 Introduction to International Studies (3) This course will introduce the objectives of the International Studies major, including understanding of the complex relations between globalization and maintenance of cultural diversity. Prereq: English placement at 100 level or above or permission of instructor.

INST 213 Magic in Arts/Humanities (3) A survey of world magic, its origins and influence on literature, architecture, art, music, theatre, film, religion and medicine from antiquity to present. Prereq: None

INST 302 Travel Writing (3) An in-depth study of travel writing, culture and politics of Field of study, with original travel writing. Students will read essays written by travelers as well as postcolonial theory of travel writing, do directed research in the culture of choice and travel, and write, revise and complete four essays associated with travel and study abroad. May be taken online during semester of study abroad. Students taking the course while studying abroad will use email or blackboard for peer review, editing and exchange of research and original materials. Prereq: Permission of Instructor.

INST 389 World Literature in Translation (3) Readings in world literature in translation in cultural context. Selections and themes may vary per offering. May be taken twice for credit if topic varied. Cross-listed with ENG 389. Prereq: ENG 201 and sophomore standing

INST 470 Special Topics in International Interdisciplinary Studies (3) This course is designed as a study of interdisciplinary special topics with an international context. May be taken as often as topics vary. Prereq: Junior or senior standing and permission of instructor.

INST 480 Internship in International Studies (3) This course grants credit for internships related to the International Studies major. Course my be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit. Prereq: Junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor and program director.

INST 490 Independent Study (3) This research-based course explores a specific area of interdisciplinary International studies culminating in an analytical paper. Course may be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit. Prereq: Junior or senior standing and permission of instructor and program director.

INST 495 Internship in International Studies A course granting credit for work experiences related to the International Studies major. Course may be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit.

INST 497 International Studies Capstone (3) A in-depth interdisciplinary study of a variety of topics within the field of International Studies. Course work requires submission of a cumulative portfolio exhibiting work from previous courses taken in the major. Prereq: INST 101 and junior standing and by permission of instructor

INST 499 International Field Experience (3) Intensive field experience in a contractual activities involving research, education or applied studies focus. Prereq: Permission of Instructor