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Philosophy provides an excellent field of study for students planning to seek advanced degrees in law, philosophy, theology, politics, and other areas. The critical thinking and communications skills stressed in philosophy are a valuable complement to most any career or field of study. Philosophy is also an excellent complementary second major (only 30 credits) or minor (18 credits).  Students pursue a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree. The latter, requiring 12 hours of a non-English modern or classical language, is preferable for those interested in more advanced degrees.

Download Checksheet for the University Core Curriculum In addition to the departmental degree requirements, a minimum of 50 hours in the University Core Curriculum must be met.


Philosophy Major Download Checksheet for Major in Philosophy

30 semester hours

Required courses ~ 15 hours

Elective courses ~ 15 hours

Philosophy Minor Download Checksheet for Minor in Philosophy

18 semester hours

Required courses ~ 9 hours

Elective courses ~ 9 hours

Cognitive Science Minor

Check out the requirements >>

18 semester hours

Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary science of the human mind and cognition which includes study of neuroscience, perception, learning, robotics/artificial intelligence, linguistics, and neural networks.