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Internship with Attorneys: Guidelines and Application

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University of Southern Indiana
Political Science Department

Internship with Attorneys
Application and Guidelines

To qualify for the program, prospective intern must:

  • Have junior or senior status (completed at least 62 credit hours)
  • Have a declared major or minor in Political Science
  • Have completed nine hours of Political Science
  • Have at least a 2.5 overall GPA (Preference will be given to students with higher GPAs)
  • Plan to attend law school
  • Be able to work 10 - 12 hours per week (a total of at least 150 hours for the semester)
  • Agree to enroll for no more than 15 credit hours (including POLS496) during the Fall or Spring semesters and no more than 6 credit hours during summer sessions
  • Fulfill requirements set by the Internship Office at USI that can be obtained from
    the Career Services and Placement Office in OC 1012
  • Complete the Application for Approval for the internship, which includes a signed
    statement of compliance with these requirements.

The student must enroll in Political Science 496, Research in Political Science, and meet the requirements for that course specified by the instructor.

Interns will usually receive a stipend applicable toward tuition for the internship course (3 hours) and other incidental expenses (e.g. transportation) connected with the internship. The amount of the stipend is not a standard fee and will vary from employer to employer.

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University of Southern Indiana
Political Science Department

Application for Approval
Internship with Attorneys Program

_________ Date of Application

Personal Data

Last Name                        First Name                                  SS#                                      Phone

e-mail address______________________________________________________________________

Local/Permanent Address [circle one]               City                           State              Zip Code

I understand the requirements and guidelines for this internship and agree to observe them if I am accepted.

____________________________ Signature of Applicant

Eligibility Requirements


Semester Hours Completed__________GPA Overall_________GPA in Major_______

List Political Science Courses Completed:




Prospective Employer_________________________________________________________________

Description of Position________________________________________________________________


Approval of Political Science Faculty

_______________________________________________ ______________________
Faculty Internship Advisor                                                      Date Approved

Please mail to:

Dr. Mary Hallock Morris, USI, College of Liberal Arts, 8600 University Boulevard, Evansville, IN 47712


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