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Why Should I Study Sociology?
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Sociology examines how individuals develop, interact, and organize themselves in political, religious, social, and economic spheres.  Sociology will help you understand the significance and vitality of social organizations ranging from groups to institutions, and the role of the individual within social environments.  If you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, other people and social “forces,” you can make changes to create the kind of world in which you would like to live.

As a sociology student at USI, you can study:

Plus you will receive a strong foundation in social theory and scientific research.

Our program emphasizes critical thinking about the social world, computer applications of social analysis, writing & communication skills, and community engagement.  In other words, practical and theoretical skills that will serve you throughout your life.

So why major in sociology????

Did you know majoring in sociology provides opportunities for your future?  The average person changes their career 6 to 8 times during their working life (source: Department of Labor Statistics).  A sociology degree not only provides you with more choices upon graduation, but throughout your life.  With a degree in sociology, you can pursue careers in business, public relations & human resources, social services, public administration, counseling, protective social services (criminal justice related fields), law, education, medicine, urban planning, and many, many more.  You simply direct your elective course work towards your area of interest.  Sociology is a broad-based liberal arts degree which provides critical social and technological skills which are highly sought after in today’s complex career market.  It is a major with not only a future, but a lot of career choices.

Sociology is especially suited for training in and understanding social diversity, culture, and social organization.  Therefore, a degree in sociology positions the graduate well in the new global economy. 

Question: What does the Rev. Martin Luther King, Ronald Reagan, Robyn Williams, Joe Theisman and Regis Philbin all have in common?

Answer: They all earned their degree in sociology!

For more on what you can do with a sociology degree, click here.