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Dr. Mark Krahling, Director of the University Core Curriculum (UCC) and Associate Professor of Chemistry, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and has taught at USI since 1994. Dr. Krahling has served on the University Core Council and has been active in Core matters for many years. His office is located in SC 2261, and he can be reached at (812)464-1712 or contact by e-mail.

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What is the University Core Curriculum?

The University Core Curriculum (UCC), a program with a 50-semester-hour minimum, is a selection of college courses that are required of all degree-seeking students. 

Why is the UCC necessary?

Universities provide their students with more than specialized instruction or career preparation. Colleges help students learn to grow as individuals and as citizens. The UCC helps students learn to live wisely and to become more well rounded, stronger human beings.

What are the overall goals of the UCC?

The UCC emphasizes two overall goals: critical thinking and information processing. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and critically evaluate information. Information processing is the ability to locate, gather, and process information.

This web site will serve as an introduction to the University Core Curriculum for students, faculty, parents, and counselors. Interested members of the community may also find it useful. This site  includes: