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McCutchan Gallery with Stephen Pace pieces displayed

Stephen Pace: An Artist's Process

Stephen Pace: An Artist’s Process

June 12 – September 10, 2018

Stephen Pace: An Artist’s Process,celebrating the 10thanniversary of the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries, is on display June 12 – September 10, 2018. Stephen Pace (1918 – 2010) was an internationally recognized Abstract expressionist and figurative painter. Mr. Pace and his wife Palmina were instrumental in the completion of the Art Center galleries, which opened to the public on September 7, 2008. Over his long and prolific artistic life, Stephen Pace created a collection of works that were a visual account of his recollections and daily life. He captured and recreated series of memories and subjects, replicated in a variety of media including ink, oil, watercolor, and wood. This exhibition displays the series of related drawings, prints, paintings, and/or woodcut plates together to give the viewer deeper insight into Pace’s artistic process.The exhibition also provides a timeline reflecting the influences that determined the trajectory of Pace’s career and the development of his distinctive artistic style.  All works in this exhibition are from the University’s Art Collection.  USI’s Pace holdings number 280 paintings, works on paper, woodcut and monoprint plates, and woodcarvings, currently the largest collection of Pace artworks at one institution.


Two pieces, one on left framed and small, one on right much bigger-- both are abstract figures in red

Woman in Red Shawl series: (left) Untitled, 1960 crayon on paper; (right) Woman in Red Shawl, 63-50, 1963, oil on canvas


Two paintings, one on left much larger than the one on right. Right painting is an abstract nude, one on left looks like an artist painting the painting on the right, muted but more colorful than the painting on right

The Finishing Touch series: (left) The Finishing Touch, 92-06, 1992, oil on canvas; (right) Sleeping Nude, woodcut plate


Susan Colaricci Sauls M’16 and Roxanne Burton ’12 co-curated the exhibit. Ms. Sauls is the USI Art Collection Registrar and an Instructor in the Arts & Heritage Administration Minor program. She holds a BS degree in Art with Associated Studies of Business from the University of Evansville and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a Non-Profit emphasis from the University of Southern Indiana.Roxanne 'Roxie' Burton is the Senior Registrar at Ship/Art International, a fine art shipping and handling company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She holds a Masters Degree in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts with double emphases in Art History and Studio Art from the University of Southern Indiana.  When the original body of Pace artworks arrived on the USI campus in 2007, Ms. Sauls oversaw the organization and documentation of the artworks; Roxanne Burton was her student intern, working closely with her on the Pace project.

Three pieces: all of six horses an abstract depiction of 3 black horses running with three white horses running behind them over a blue background-- first is a framed sketch, second is a small painting, then last is a larger painting

Six Horses series: (left) Untitled, pencil on paper; (center) Horses in Shallows, 97-W10, 1997, watercolor on paper; (right) Six Horses, 00-6, 2000, oil on canvas

Three pieces, first a small sketch, framed, then a small painting, then a larger painting of the two lobsterboats, white with blue and greenish background

Lobsterboats and Islands series: (Left) Untitled, 1980, ink on paper; (center) Two Boats at Daybreak, 81-W3, 1981, watercolor on paper; (right) Pairs: Lobsterboats and Islands, 94-1, 1994 oil on canvas

There will be a 10thanniversary celebration and closing reception on Sunday, September 9, 2 – 4 p.m. at the McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries. Ms. Sauls and Ms. Burton will be in attendance.  Ms. Burton will also present a talk on the exhibit and her career as an arts administrator on Monday, September 10 at 6:15 p.m. in Kleymeyer Hall in the Liberal Arts Center on the USI campus.  Both events are free and the public is cordially invited to attend them.

Three pieces: first a framed ink sketch, second a small framed painting, then a larger painting of a figure laying in yellow on a white lounge and a blue background

Nude with Yellow Wrap series: (left) Untitled, 1972, ink on paper; Black Woman in a White Lounger, 72-W12, 1972, watercolor on paper; (right) Nude with Yellow Wrap, 72-4A, 1972, oil on canvas

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