University of Southern Indiana

Visiting Artists 2010

Prints and Sculptures by USI Visiting Artist
Summer 2010

As a vital part of the education of USI art majors, the Art Department invites nationally and internationally-known visiting artists to the USI campus each year in order that students may interact with and learn from them.  They present lectures on their artworks, meet with students and often view and critique student work.  On occasion, these artists also create artworks while in residence.  This exhibit features a selection of prints and ceramic sculptures produced at USI by visiting artists and then donated by them to the USI art collection.  Professor of Art Michael Aakhus and Instructor of Art Andrew Kosten, together with printmaking students, have assisted visiting artists in completing editions of prints in a wide range of processes. These include intaglio, lithography, wood relief, screen prints and monoprint. Original drawings and preliminary versions of several of the prints are featured, to demonstrate the artist’s thought and working processes. Professor of Art Lenny Dowhie and his students in the ceramic area helped visiting artists complete the sculptural and function clay pieces in the exhibition.  

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