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LA Achievements: 2017


Dr. Mustafa Oz, instructor of communications, had a paper, “Twitter versus Facebook: Comparing incivility, impoliteness, and deliberative attributes" published at the New Media & Society Journal. The article is available online.

Dr. Andrew Buck, associate professor of sociology and chair of the Department of Sociology, had his article, “The Corporate Networks and Symbolic Capital of British Business Leaders," published in Sociological Perspectives

Dr. Melissa Stacer and Dr. Melinda Roberts recently had their paper "'Reversing the trend': The role of mentoring in offender reentry" accepted for publication at the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.

Dr. Casey Pycior’s book, The Spoils, appears on this year's 35 Over 35 List. A summary of his book is available online.

Southern Indiana Review Press publication, Into the Cyclorama by Annie Kim, was named one of year's best independently published books of poetry by Kirkus Review. Kim was the winner of Southern Indiana Review’s 2015 Michael Waters Poetry Prize for this book. Ron Mitchell, instructor in English is the editor of Southern Indiana Review.

Dr. Tamara Hunt, professor of history and director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program, has an article "Servants, Masters and Seditious Libel in Eighteenth-Century England," published in Book Historyvol. 20 (2017): 83-110.Book History is the journal of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing.

Dr. Norma Rosas Mayén will be presenting her paper, “A Linguistic Analysis of the Afro-Mexican and Afro-Dominican Spanish” (Un análisis lingüístico del español afromexicano y afrodominicano) at the IX International Afro-American Colloquium in Mexico City. (December 2017)

Dr. Norma Rosas Mayén will be a guest speaker at the Historic Synagogue Justo Sierra of Mexico City, the title of her speech is: “Sephardic Songs and Mourning Poetry of Northern Morocco” (Cantos y poesía luctuosa sefardí del Norte de Marruecos). She will also perform 11 Sephardic songs. (December 2017)

Dr. Martin Koen presented his work "Coming to Terms with Body-Worn Cameras: A Technological Frames Perspective" at the American Society of Criminology annual conference in Philadelphia, PA November 15-18.

Dr. Brooke Mathna, assistant professor of criminal justice, presented her research titled "An Empirical Analysis of Hirschi's Self-Control Theory (2004) and Its Measurements" at the American Society of Criminology annual conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (November 2017)

Dr. Melissa Stacer, associate professor of criminal justice, and Lydia Moll, senior criminal justice major, presented a paper at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The paper is titled "They are people like you and me: Student perceptions of inmates.” The paper is co-authored with Dr. Monica Solinas-Saunders at Indiana University Northwest.

Dr. Tamara L. Hunt, professor of History, gave a presentation at the international conference "'Fake News!' An Historical Perspective," held at Newcastle University (U.K.) November 10-11, 2017. Her paper "Fake News, Commerce and Seditious Libel in early 18th-Century England" examined concerns about (and reactions to) reporting based on rumor, misleading statements, and outright lies. Political and commercial upheavals led to calls for more accuracy in the press, while the press fought back, asserting that the "Liberty of the Press" gave newspapers the right to print and comment upon stories that were widely believed, even if they turned out to be false. 

 Dr. Sukanya Gupta, associate professor of English, has been appointed as Director of the International Studies Program, effective January 2, 2018.

Dr. Marthinus Koen, assistant professor of criminal justice, presented a paper on body-worn cameras and police perceptions at the Western Association of Criminal Justice Conference. He teaches courses in research methods, statistics, victimology, and criminal justice technology. His research interests lie in social control, crime policy, police organizational change, and police technology. Most recently, he has completed his dissertation research on the implementation of body-worn cameras at a police organization. His research focused on how the adoption of body-worn cameras shaped key structures and practices and how officers belonging to different organizational groups made sense of the technology over time. (October 2017)

Dr.  Wendy G Turner had two pieces of artwork accepted at the Ohio Valley Art League’s 7th Annual Art of Recycling juried exhibition: The 79 Cent Epiphany and The Real Bad Monkey: Lessons from Harambe

The 79 Cent Epiphany was given the top award of the show, the Henderson Breakfast Lions Club Award of $500. The assemblage art piece is a visual representation of the discrepancy in pay between males and females in the United States. The second work, The Real Bad Monkey: Lessons from Harambe is a critical look at who is ultimately responsible for the damage done to captive animals.

Dr. Daniel Bauer, associate professor of anthropology, had his article, "From Plague to Profit: Chambira Weaving in Amazonian Peru," published in the Fall 2017, Volume 59, Number 2 edition of Expedition. Bauer conducts ethnographic research in Ecuador and Peru.

Dr. Melissa Stacer, associate professor of criminal justice, recently had two manuscripts accepted for publication. The first is called “Fighting labor market discrimination with Ban the Box (BTB): Are there racial implications” at Sociology Compass. The second is called "Criminal thinking among men beginning a Batterer Intervention Program: The relevance of military background" at theJournal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma. Both articles were co-authored with Dr. Monica Solinas-Saunders from Indiana University Northwest. (October 2017)

Dr. Leigh Anne Howard and Dr. Erin Gilles accompanied numerous students and alumni to the Kentucky Communication Conference, sponsored by the Kentucky Communication Association in Carrollton, Kentucky. Students and alumni presented work they completed in the Master of Arts in Communication Program. Funding for the trip was made possible by the USI Graduate Studies Research and Travel Award.

Students who presented: Thawn Khai, Dilek Ocak, Shannon Hoehn, Mary Beth Reese, Ben Luttrull, Coralie Lowicki, Lorena Banquerizo-Gellibert and Serge Pre.

Alumni who presented: Michelle Duran, Andrew Bolin, Theresa Ohning.

Dr. Wendy Turner and Dr. Veronica Huggins presented their paper, Standing in the Gap:Benefits of Cross-racial and Interracial Mentoring, at the Seventeenth International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations: Urban Diversity and Economic Growth, 26-28 July 2017 at University of Toronto-Chestnut Conference Centre, Toronto, Canada. (September 2017)

Dr. James Dickerson was recently elected President of the Vanderburgh County Community Corrections Board. He is serving a three-year term on this board. (September 2017)

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Julie Bordelon presented their paper, A Distance Learning Model for Rural Native American Students to Access a Public Mainstream University, at the 42nd National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas last July in Jackson, TN. (September 2017)

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